Marion County, Kansas


Tree: Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family
Notes: The City of Marion was founded June 1860 when settlers in five covered wagons were told by surveyors at Emporia that there was good, virgin farmland about 60 miles to the southwest. The surveyors called it the best land in the territory.

One of the travelers in the group, George Griffith was the first to build a shanty on the site where the Santa Fe Depot (Now the Santa Fe Depot Library) stands and was also the first in Marion County to file for a homestead, doing so on August 8, 1860.

The official naming of the settlement came when a post office was established here in 1862. Because the settlement was located near the center of the county, the name Marion Centre seemed appropriate.

The population of Marion Centre increased at a faster rate after the Civil War ended. William Billings is credited with building the first stone residence.

Marion Centre had increased in population by the early 1870ís to a point where it could file for incorporation as a third class city.

An election was held September 3, 1875 and a Mayor and Council form of Government was established. Officers elected were as follows. Mayor, J. H. Costello; Councilmen, Frank Doster, E. N. Eby, Frank Bower, William Kellison, J. N. Rogers and T. T. David; City Clerk, John Williams; City Marshall, J. S. Griffith; Police Judge, R. C. Coble; City Treasurer, N. W. Gordon.

Two changes took place in the 1880ís regarding Marion Centre. First the "Centre" was dropped from the town name. The Post Office has used the name Marion since October 15, 1881. The city adopted it officially on January 17, 1882. Second, because population increased, the city became eligible for second class status. Therefore on May 25, 1888, Governor John A. Martin proclaimed it a second class city.

Marion has the distinction of being the oldest settlement in Marion County and boasts a population today of 2,110 residents. Each year Marion commemorates this fact with the celebration of "Old Settlers Day".

Marionís position as County Seat has certainly been of benefit to the city and will continue to be in the future.

County/Shire : Latitude: 38.347649, Longitude: -97.095674


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eby, Francis Marion  17 Aug 1869Marion County, Kansas I8177746039 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Eby, John William  31 May 1870Marion County, Kansas I519942758 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Eby, Oliver Orville  1871Marion County, Kansas I618984299 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
4 Eby, Soloman  Abt 1872Marion County, Kansas I272008475710 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
5 Eby, Charles Leroy DD  14 Jan 1872Marion County, Kansas I519942196 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
6 Eby, Nelly  04 Mar 1874Marion County, Kansas I519942760 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
7 Eby, Etta  22 Jul 1875Marion County, Kansas I519942768 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
8 Eby, Alberta  1879Marion County, Kansas I618984305 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
9 Siebert, Ira  8 Nov 1902Marion County, Kansas I644977195 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shreve, William Potts DD  Between 1865-1870Marion County, Kansas I520088505 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Eby, Nelly  19 Mar 1874Marion County, Kansas I519942760 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Eby, Edward Newton  29 Mar 1909Marion County, Kansas I519942864 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
4 Eby, Oliver Orville  12 Jul 1910Marion County, Kansas I618984299 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
5 McAllister, Mary Elizabeth  25 Oct 1918Marion County, Kansas I617728122 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
6 Siebert, August J.  10 Aug 1937Marion County, Kansas I644980653 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Eby / Shreve  24 Dec 1868Marion County, Kansas F509208495 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
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