Wilkes County, North Carolina


Tree: Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family
County/Shire : Latitude: 36.21626, Longitude: -81.207182

Tree: Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch
County/Shire : Latitude: 36.21626, Longitude: -81.207182

Tree: Davis Family Tree
County/Shire : Latitude: 36.202858, Longitude: -81.2518833


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alloway, Abraham T  1792Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077930 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Alloway, Judy  1785Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077509 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Alloway, Nancy  19 Jan 1806Wilkes County, North Carolina I547030895 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
4 Alloway Strange, Archelaus  12 Jul 1780Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077502 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
5 Alloway Strange, Elizabeth  25 May 1787Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077514 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
6 Alloway Strange, Hannah S  18 Feb 1790Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077927 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
7 Alloway Strange, Nancy  1776Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077493 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
8 Alloway Strange, Nelson Sr  25 Feb 1799Wilkes County, North Carolina I520078348 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
9 Alloway Strange, Polley  1796Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077939 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
10 Alloway Strange, Susannah  1788Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077517 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
11 Alloway Strange, William  1794Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077933 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
12 Alloway Strange, Wilson  1784Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077507 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
13 Bird, Francis  1785Wilkes County, North Carolina I543657518 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
14 Coffey, Abraham  26 Apr 1814Wilkes County, North Carolina I619545486 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
15 Cook, Ephraim  1795Wilkes County, North Carolina I125 Davis Family Tree 
16 Cook, Phoebe  5 Feb 1832Wilkes County, North Carolina I115 Davis Family Tree 
17 Curtis Berry, Jane DD  1789Wilkes County, North Carolina I520076994 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
18 Davis, Ann or Enola Philectra  11 Feb 1869Wilkes County, North Carolina I89 Davis Family Tree 
19 Davis, Annis Melinda  Abt 1814Wilkes County, North Carolina I51 Davis Family Tree 
20 Davis, Christopher Columbus  31 May 1870Wilkes County, North Carolina I91 Davis Family Tree 
21 Davis, Dorcas  21 Mar 1856Wilkes County, North Carolina I85 Davis Family Tree 
22 Davis, Ellen  Abt 1855Wilkes County, North Carolina I84 Davis Family Tree 
23 Davis, James  Abt 1869Wilkes County, North Carolina I90 Davis Family Tree 
24 Davis, Louetta Orebell  18 Nov 1873Wilkes County, North Carolina I92 Davis Family Tree 
25 Davis, Margaret  1792Wilkes County, North Carolina I102 Davis Family Tree 
26 Davis, Marion Alonzo David  Abt 1865Wilkes County, North Carolina I88 Davis Family Tree 
27 Davis, Martha  20 Sep 1852Wilkes County, North Carolina I83 Davis Family Tree 
28 Davis, Melissa  Abt 1824Wilkes County, North Carolina I101 Davis Family Tree 
29 Davis, Nancy L E  26 Jul 1860Wilkes County, North Carolina I86 Davis Family Tree 
30 Davis, Nathan Hicks  12 Feb 1864Wilkes County, North Carolina I87 Davis Family Tree 
31 Davis, Sarah Catherine  2 Jun 1850Wilkes County, North Carolina I81 Davis Family Tree 
32 Davis, Solomon  1795Wilkes County, North Carolina I106 Davis Family Tree 
33 Davis, Thomas Gilson  31 May 1851Wilkes County, North Carolina I82 Davis Family Tree 
34 Davis, William James Elijah Jr  28 Feb 1827Wilkes County, North Carolina I45 Davis Family Tree 
35 Felts, Nancy  12 May 1830Wilkes County, North Carolina I130 Davis Family Tree 
36 Long, Edwin Monroe Sr  15 Feb 1889Wilkes County, North Carolina I1809000999 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
37 Marlow, Lavinia  1798Wilkes County, North Carolina I126 Davis Family Tree 
38 Mathis, Enoch Solomon  1 Jan 1824Wilkes County, North Carolina I131 Davis Family Tree 
39 Parlier, Jacob Wesley  25 Jan 1855Wilkes County, North Carolina I118 Davis Family Tree 
40 Parlier, James Washington  1830Wilkes County, North Carolina I114 Davis Family Tree 
41 Parlier, Jonathan  1783Wilkes County, North Carolina I116 Davis Family Tree 
42 Parlier, Lucretia Louise  9 Jan 1859Wilkes County, North Carolina I2 Davis Family Tree 
43 Strange, John Claiborne Alloway  04 Nov 1804Wilkes County, North Carolina I619545530 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alloway, Archelaus S Archer  20 Aug 1808Wilkes County, North Carolina I520078388 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Alloway Strange, Abraham DD  Jul 1815Wilkes County, North Carolina I520077077 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Cook, Ephraim  20 Feb 1873Wilkes County, North Carolina I125 Davis Family Tree 
4 Davis, John N  29 Mar 1906Wilkes County, North Carolina I49 Davis Family Tree 
5 Marlow, James  30 Sep 1861Wilkes County, North Carolina I127 Davis Family Tree 
6 Marlow, Lavinia  1862Wilkes County, North Carolina I126 Davis Family Tree 
7 Parlier, James Washington  23 Jan 1869Wilkes County, North Carolina I114 Davis Family Tree 
8 Parlier, Jonathan  21 Jul 1845Wilkes County, North Carolina I116 Davis Family Tree 
9 Shin, Rebecca  27 Apr 1872Wilkes County, North Carolina I117 Davis Family Tree 
10 Steelman, John Alexander  15 Mar 1888Wilkes County, North Carolina I123 Davis Family Tree 
11 Steelman, Mary Jane  15 Nov 1906Wilkes County, North Carolina I50 Davis Family Tree 
12 Stephenson, Anna Uriah  Aft 1870Wilkes County, North Carolina I48 Davis Family Tree 
13 Teague, Martha C  1897Wilkes County, North Carolina I54 Davis Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alloway / Waters  19 Aug 1803Wilkes County, North Carolina F520018692 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Alloway Strange / Coffey  23 Nov 1802Wilkes County, North Carolina F547654839 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Cook / Marlow  26 Mar 1819Wilkes County, North Carolina F47 Davis Family Tree 
4 Davis / Harrison  24 Apr 1784Wilkes County, North Carolina F26 Davis Family Tree 
5 Davis / Millsap  13 Sep 1848Wilkes County, North Carolina F21 Davis Family Tree 
6 Davis / Steelman  1 Jan 1842Wilkes County, North Carolina F23 Davis Family Tree 
7 Israel / Alloway  22 Dec 1801Wilkes County, North Carolina F547675978 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
8 Queen / Millsap  29 Aug 1837Wilkes County, North Carolina F45 Davis Family Tree 
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