Tree: Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family
Country : Latitude: 56.130366, Longitude: -106.346771

Tree: Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch
Country : Latitude: 58.67693767 , Longitude: -101.337890

Tree: Abernethy, William and Sarah Doolittle (Tims Direct Line)
Country : Latitude: 56.130366, Longitude: -106.346771

Tree: LaBrasseur, Loren and Jeanne
Country : Latitude: 56.130366, Longitude: -106.346771

Tree: Misc Abernathy/Abernethy
Country : Latitude: 56.1197207, Longitude: -106.382675


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abernathy, Alexander  Abt 1847Canada I13 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
2 Abernathy, Almedi Ann  Abt 1837Canada I25 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
3 Abernathy, Almira Elizabeth  30 Jul 1849Canada I1191199805 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
4 Abernathy, Amanda  Abt 1838Canada I20 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
5 Abernathy, Caroline  Abt 1835Canada I1218875693 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
6 Abernathy, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Canada I9 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
7 Abernathy, Esther C  Abt 1838Canada I26 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
8 Abernathy, Frank Owen  04 Oct 1925Canada I543665147 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
9 Abernathy, Grace  Abt 1839Canada I7 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
10 Abernathy, John  Abt 1842Canada I8 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
11 Abernathy, Mary Jane  Abt 1834Canada I4 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
12 Abernathy, Nicholas Nathaniel  16 Apr 1845Canada I1191199804 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
13 Abernathy, Rachel S  Abt 1842Canada I28 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
14 Abernathy, Richardson  Abt 1815Canada I1191199800 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
15 Abernathy, Robert  Abt 1835Canada I5 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
16 Abernathy, Samuel  Abt 1837Canada I6 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
17 Abernathy, Samuel  1842Canada I1191199802 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
18 Abernathy, William   I1218875285 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
19 Abernethy, Alexander  1838Canada I609437295 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
20 Abernethy, Mary  1834Canada I609437294 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
21 Abernethy, Robert  1867Canada I1218875446 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
22 Abernethy, Tillie  Abt 1876Canada I609437311 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
23 Abernethy, Tillie  Abt 1877Canada I609437349 Misc Abernathy/Abernethy 
24 Abernethy, William  Abt 1810Canada I1191199064 Abernethy, William and Sarah Doolittle (Tims Direct Line) 
25 Abernethy, William J  Jul 1843Canada I1191199803 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
26 Arnold, Ellen A  Jul 1845Canada I3027523228 Abernethy, William and Sarah Doolittle (Tims Direct Line) 
27 Arnold, Sarah Ann  1836Canada I3027523227 Abernethy, William and Sarah Doolittle (Tims Direct Line) 
28 Bartlett, Charlott C.  Apr 1826Canada I8220378759 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
29 Bechtel, Margueritt  Abt 1897Canada I271987797160 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
30 Betzner, John  13 Feb 1808Canada I524046660 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
31 Bowman, Walter  14 Apr 1896Canada I272008475565 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
32 Buehler, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Canada I271987797235 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
33 Cairns, Unknown  Abt 1844Canada I8220417407 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
34 Campbell, Corena  25 Sep 1915Canada I272008480143 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
35 Chamberlain, Elizabeth  Dec 1845Canada I272008475434 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
36 Chartier, Harmidas Augustine  02 Feb 1874Canada I30 LaBrasseur, Loren and Jeanne 
37 Chartier, J  Abt 1857Canada I28 LaBrasseur, Loren and Jeanne 
38 Chartier, Rock  28 May 1872Canada I16 LaBrasseur, Loren and Jeanne 
39 Chouinard, Philomene  Abt 1836Canada I537 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
40 Clark, Margaret or Margret  1853Canada I8177746183 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
41 Cole, John James  Aug 1871Canada I8177510301 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
42 Cole, Lucy E  1866Canada I8177510303 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
43 Cole, Marion E  1868Canada I8177510304 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
44 Cole, Minnie F  1873Canada I8177510305 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
45 Cole, Phoebe J  1876Canada I8177510306 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
46 Cole, Sarah J  Aug 1875Canada I8177510302 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
47 Cole, Victoria   I548816349 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
48 Cole, William O.G.  1880Canada I8177746221 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
49 Conley, Angelina  1820Canada I1191199801 Abernathy, Robert and Sara Cubisch 
50 Cook, James B  Jun 1843Canada I272008475433 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Caplin or Capplen, Susannah  18 Jun 1876Canada I522340384 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Cressman, Elizabeth  23 Feb 1889Canada I521772379 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Grant, Jean  Between 1796-1804Canada I272008480509 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cole / Landeau or Landon  Abt 1838Canada F8034014816 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Eby / McKersie  Bef 1857Canada F510706394 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Sherk / Stauffer  21 Jan 1874Canada F1090953845 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
4 Zurbrigg / Riegelman  ABT. 1852Canada F557267934 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
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