Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania


Tree: Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family
Notes: .....So we traveled out to Route 15 and went north until we got to Hilsher's store at Independence and turned left on Peffer Valley Road. We made an immediate left on Old Trail south to McNess Road and turned right onto it. We traveled up the winding road looking for the cemetery until we got to just about the end of the McNess Road, where it intersects with Peffer Valley Road. We didn't see it, so we turned around and went back down McNess. Immediately to our right, enclosed by a white fence, and situated next to a truck garage was a small cemetery. We went to the front gate and went inside. There were two rows of stones to our right, all of the homemade out of concrete and plaster. Most were for children who died in infancy, a few of some older persons. But they were all new, dating from the 1960's through 1980's and we knew that Brubaker cemetery was around for a lot longer. A Mennonite on a horse drawn wagon with two boys sitting on the tail gate came from behind the truck ga!
ge. We waved but Tom hollered for the man to stop. The Mennonite obliged when Tom asked what the name of the cemetery was. The man scratched his whiskers and said that it was probably the Hoover cemetery (as there were a few HOOVERs buried it). He added that it was the burial place of members of the Nall Hoover Mennonite church group which moved a few years back to Kentucky. Nall? Tom asked him to spell it:N-O-A-H. Noah, not Nall. Pennsylvania Dutch again. Tom asked him about the Brubaker Cemetery. We had passed that one too.

So after recording the inscriptions at the new Hoover Cemetery we backtracked McNess Road to where it intersected with Old Trail at a farm. At the red barn we parked and saw a white hand painted sign pointing up the knob adjacent to McNess Road: Brubaker Cemetery. We traipsed up the knob, overgrown with weeds and with copious amounts of poison ivy thrown in. Standing near the top of the knob, we looked for the cemetery, when through the weeds we could see the outline of a white pipe fence. We walked there and found a large mailbox in which there were copies of all of the known tombstone inscriptions and a wonderful history of the Mennonite presence in Snyder County. Tom and I each took one and proceeded to copy the inscriptions arranged in six or seven neat rows. We corrected Wagenseller again, as well as the papers we found there, and discovered that three Mennonite bishops were buried there. No wonder most everyone we talked to in southern Snyder County knew about Brubaker!

Logan Garth Swanger
Snyder Co PAGenWeb County Coordinator
Member: National Genealogical Society,
Snyder County Historical Society (Life Member),
Union County Historical Society
Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Pioneers
South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society

Location : Latitude: 40.69918, Longitude: -76.88936


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Auker, Esther  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828612 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
2 Auker, Sara  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828632 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
3 Blosser, Mary Elizabeth Bowman  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828644 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
4 Brubacher, Jacob Hess  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645062152 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
5 Brubaker, Daniel B  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828611 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
6 Brubaker, Jacob A  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645831530 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
7 Brubaker, Jacob B  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828649 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
8 Brubaker, Joseph Blosser  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828650 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
9 Brubaker, Mary Landis  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645892380 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
10 Buckwalter, Elizabeth  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645828653 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
11 Herrold, Mary  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645892371 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
12 Herrold, Phoebe  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645892370 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
13 Herrold, Simon Richter  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645892378 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
14 Lauver, Catharine  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645830993 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
15 Shirk, Sarah  Brubacher Cemetery Port Trevorton, Snyder County, Pennsylvania I645830988 Eby/Aebi and Bernethy Family  
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