Our Family History and Ancestry


You are invited to explore the heritage of several different family names. This web page is dedicated to the bearers of the surnames Abernathy, Abernethy, Arth, Bernethy, Buschlen, Eby, Deatherage, Gaines, Hord, Scribner and many, many other names that have married into those families. All of the data contained herein has been a joint effort to solve the many birthright puzzles of numerous relatives. It is with great appreciation that I acknowledge those families and their descendants who have shared their personal ancestral heritage so generously. I want to give special thanks to two distant cousins, Scott Buschlen and Thomas Scribner who have given of themselves unselfishly with their knowledge, time and encouragement. Credit should also go to Elizabeth Ferguson who gave me an enormous amount of information on the Abernathy/Abernethy heritage. That family is the second largest family name on my site, at this time, with approximately 24,000 people. The largest line is the Eby family with close to 34,000 people. The Eby line includes the names Deatherage, Hord, Gaines, Weavers, and Reid/Reeds along with several other surnames. Phil Mullen, Mike Ryan, Denise Lahr, Dawn Quast and many others have repeatedly opened up their hearts and souls with thousands of tidbits of information concerning their family to help me build the Eby side of my website making it what it is today. The information contained in these pages is the result of the work of several people over the span of many years, along with my own personal explorations which I have compiled over the duration of many hours of research. This is an on-going project and I have not personally authenticated all of the information shared with me, so if you find any errors or omissions I am open to all suggestions of corrections and will welcome all additions. I endeavor to have my tree as true as possible but the only way I can do that is with the help of my extended family. My goal is to help as many people as possible find and connect with their ancestors. If not for them, we would not be here. I try to educate myself and my family about our history and proud heritage. Please have a seat and be comfortable. Get your coffee and relax while visiting us. Add us to your bookmarks and come as often as you like to use this information I have made available to you! MILA EBY BERNETHY

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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