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 (Back row) Henry Cole, Grandma and Grandpa Cole (editors note: this is Laura Dick and Abram Cole), Uncle Mike (ed: Mike O'Leary), Aunt Nola (ed: Indianola Cole), Jim Bernethy, Barbara Sather, Pearl Bernethy with Mae, and Aunt Carrie (ed: Carrie Knudson) (Middle Row) Charles, Selby, Helen and Hazel Cole and Alfred Sather. (Front row) Elmer and Edward Sather, Elmer Cole, Ellen and Nola Sather, James Bernethy, Ruth and Marguerite Cole, Mom and with baby Warren Cole. Dad. (ed: Mom and Dad are Martha Knudson and Ottis Cole)  (Seated) Barbara Sather, Anna Eliza Snow Bernethy, Mabel Berg, Ottis Cole, Marie Willis, Martha Cole, Bill Willis and Henry Cole. (Standing) Nola O'Leary, Mrs. Christianson, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Dunbar, Celia Ashman, Mrs. Schroedar, Nora Maudlin, Mrs. Turnquist, Carrie Cole, Mrs. Hauge, Jack Sather and Mrs. Trangen. (Back row) Mr. Day, Ellis Maudlin, Mr. Berg, Mr. Dunbar, Mike O'Leary and Mr. Trangen. #1 Ermal Grace Eby, #2 Ora Hannah Kress #3 Eva Kress (Russell) Peter O'Leary, Emma Putmam and son Russell Peter Jr.
1895 - Children of William George Ball & Martha Ann Moore Front Row
Olive Magnolia Ball Abernathy, Ephraim W. Ball, Mary E. Ball Andrews,
Jonathan Eddy Ball, Back Row Hattie Ball Andrews, Lot Ball, Minnie Ball
Wood, Fannie (Amanda Frances) Ball Oldham ...Photo courtesy of Donna
4 generations of Bonners: L-R Ronnie, Thomas, Harmon and in front Tyler A black-and-white studio photograph of six children of Abraham Eby. Back, left to right: William, Noah and Isaac; front, left to right: Magdalena, Phoebe and Charlotte. A carte de visite studio portrait of Barnabas Eby. Printed on the reverse of the card is: From the 'ONTARIO' Photograph Gallery, American House, Berlin, Ont., H.E. Moore, artist. A carte de visite studio portrait of Franklin Eby and his wife, Huldah Butler. A copy of a photograph of the teachers and students of Freeport Academy taken about 1869. Back row, left to right: Rev. John B. Schlichter, Ezra Weber, Mary Snyder (Mrs. Moses Weaver), Harriet Shupe, Mina Gonder, Miss Bergey, Samuel S. Moyer, Isaac L. Bowman (Principal). Middle row, left to right: William Simmons, Ananias Eby, Ephraim A. Snyder, James Peterson, William Sherk, Saruch Eby, Charles Shupe, Abraham M. Snyder. Front row, left to right: Benjamin M. Snyder, Moses Weaver, Abram O. Bowman, Titus Snyder, Horace Beam, Horace Smith, Jacob B. Weaver, Hiram Hewitt.
A Home Belonging to A Christian Eby A Home Belonging to Christian Eby A photo taken for a newspaper ad. L-R: George Beech Jr, Charles C. Abernathy, Elizabeth Hamlin Abernathy, Carl Edd Abernathy, George Beech Sr. Photo taken around 1949. A photograph of the Ministers of Canada Conference, Mennonite Brethren in Christ. The men pictured are numbered and identified as: 1. Menno Bowman, 2. R. Etherington, 3. John Ball, 4. S. Goudie, 5. C.F. Krauth, 6. T. Ford Barker, 7. Solomon Eby, 8. David Fretz, 9. Alex Bell, 10. C.N. Good, 11. H.S. Hallman, 12. E. Sievenpiper, 13. C.R. Miller, 14. John Hiltz, 15. D.S. Shantz, 16. Peter Geiger, 17. Peter Cober, 18. H. Goudie, 19. Amos Eby, 20. N. Detweiler, 21. S. Cressman, 22. Sam Stouffer, 23. J.B. Detweiler, 24. J.A. Sider, 25. Henry Wismer, 26. John McNally, 27. Joshua Shell, 28. a visitor, 29. Henry Cressman, 30. Christ Raymer, 31. Fred Carlton, 32. John McNally. A photograph taken by Gordon C. Eby of the back porch of the house at 409 Mill Street, Berlin, Ontario. Christian Eby and Catherine Clemens Eby are at the left. 

For more photographs of Catharine Clemens Eby see the collection of photographs at the Mennonite Archives of Ontario. A pine blanket chest with red and black stained finish. It was also varnished. Printed on the inside of the lid is 'Tobias Eby / S.88.101.13 / Elma.' There is moulding on the two sides and front of the lid. A small storage compartment is located inside the chest on the lefthand side. There is evidence that there was a picture, in the form of a postcard, originally attached to the inside lid. The chest has a double-link chest lock made of steel. There is a keyhole in the front panel, but no escutcheon. The corners of the chest are dovetailed. Butt hinges were used to secure the lid to the chest. A studio photograph of Ezra E. Eby. A copy of this photograph is on display at the Waterloo County Hall of Fame which is part of Doon Heritage Crossroads. A copy of this image is also at the Mennonite Archives of Ontario - 1986-1 #55. A tintype studio portrait of Ezra E. Eby.

A tintype studio portrait of Peter Eby. Abel Abernathy and Margaret Sadler
Abernathy Creek Sign Today (2007) Abernathy Family
Back Row: George Marks, James Reagan, Janie Annette, Clara Leigh, Glen Wooten
Front Row: Vivian Mertilla holding Tracey Annette Eckert Abernathy Furniture Company Abernathy Siblings - Children of Daniel Abernathy and Sarah Coley: Back: Elihu, Bartow, Willie Front: Thomas, Eliza Jane, Sidney Abernethy Logging Site Abernethy ruins in Scotland Abernethy Tower in Scotland Abner Johnson Deatherage Abner Johnson Deatherage Abraham Clemmens and wife Magdalena Eby
Abraham Eby Abram Cole and Laura Ellen Dick Abram Eby and sister Anna Eby Abram Eby and wife Salome Denlinger Abram Eby, wife Salome and children Willis, Alta Mae and H Elmer Abram Eby, wife Salome Denlinger, son Willis Eby and granddaughter Jane Eby and grandson Wilbur Eby Ada Anderson Ada Cain Ada Hazel Smith with son Charles Ada Sellers
Ada Viola Eby Adam Clark Eby Adam Ebey and Alice King Adam Englar Addie Weaver and Sparrel Honaker Addison and brother Milton Eby Addison Eby Adults: Henry Cole, Fred Johnson, Ottis Cole, Mrs. Maudlin and Carrie Cole Grace J., Edna J., Helen C., Hazel C., James and Nettie J., Elmber C. Back row -- Selby C., Edgar J., Jerry J., Charles C., Marguerite C. Agnes Ann Abernathy Alanson Bales married Adams
Alanson C Hord Albert Abernathy and Valda Morris Albert Abernathy and Valda Morris Albert B Eby 
Albert B Eby Albert Eby 
Albert Eby and Etta Sherk Wedding Albert Elmer Updike and Henrietta (Abernethy) Updike with their children Karl and Irene (Updike) Converse, and grandsons Luther and Harold Converse Albert J Bernethy Albert Parley Thornton
Albert Spencer Albert Waller Albert Waller Alden Norman Aleshire Alden Norman Aleshire and Doris Ella Peterson Alex (J.R.) Cornstalk Alex Reid and Son Frank Alexander Abernethy Alexander Abernethy and Maria Price Alexander Abernethy and Racheal Unstead
Alexander Canmore Alexander Fraser Alexander Fraser Alexander Fraser Alexander I Alexander II Alexander III Alexander McGillivray, Brigadier General Alexander Ralph Eby
Private Eby served in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force and in the Second Infantry Brigade, Fourth Company, Fifth Battalion. He was killed in action in France on 21 March 1915 and was reported to be the first native of Waterloo Township, Ontario, to be a victim of the Great War.
The photographer, Levi R. Yost, operated a photography studio at 175 King Street West in Berlin, Ontario, from 1915 to 1920. His studio was located at 12 King Street West, Berlin in 1912.
Front: Alexander Ralph Eby, 1891-1915.
Pte. First Can. Contingent B.E.F.
No. 13627, 2nd Infantry Brigade, 4th Company, 5th Batt'n.
Killed in action, in France, March 21st 1915. 
First native of Waterloo Tp. victim of war.
Alexander Ralph Eby
Alexander Smith Abernethy Alexander Stewart Alfonso VIII Alfred Abernethy and Doris Hodgetts Alfred Burnham Alfred Monroe Hays and Adney Etta Abernathy Alice F Abernathy Alice F Abernathy and Delbert Cargile Alice Freet Alice Kate Walden and son Hubert A Nichols
Alice King and daughters Lois and Leah Ebey Alice Lange Alice Lange Alice Lange Alice Lange and Jack Blocher Alice Lange and Jack Blocher Alice Mento Alice Rank Alice Rank Alice Rank and daughter Donna Olmstead

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