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A copy of an advertisement for the Berlin Telegraph and German Canadian newspaper published by Elias Eby. The advertisement was copied from the County of Waterloo Gazetter and General Business Directory for 1864. A diary  kept by Dr. Aaron Eby for January 1 to October 23, 1868. It records activities related to his medical practice in Sebringville, Ontario as well as some family events. A diary written partly in English and German. The entries for January 1, 1862 to April 25, 1862 are written in English. The later entries are written in German. The topics covered include the author's religious life and his medical school attendance.

A photograph of the Ministers of Canada Conference, Mennonite Brethren in Christ. The men pictured are numbered and identified as: 1. Menno Bowman, 2. R. Etherington, 3. John Ball, 4. S. Goudie, 5. C.F. Krauth, 6. T. Ford Barker, 7. Solomon Eby, 8. David Fretz, 9. Alex Bell, 10. C.N. Good, 11. H.S. Hallman, 12. E. Sievenpiper, 13. C.R. Miller, 14. John Hiltz, 15. D.S. Shantz, 16. Peter Geiger, 17. Peter Cober, 18. H. Goudie, 19. Amos Eby, 20. N. Detweiler, 21. S. Cressman, 22. Sam Stouffer, 23. J.B. Detweiler, 24. J.A. Sider, 25. Henry Wismer, 26. John McNally, 27. Joshua Shell, 28. a visitor, 29. Henry Cressman, 30. Christ Raymer, 31. Fred Carlton, 32. John McNally. A short church history and teachings of the faith of like-minded Christians and Mennonites by Benjamin Eby. The cover is worn leather.

A small Fraktur birth record (Geburtschein) for Benjamin S. Eby. The text is done in black and purple, and is surrounded in a border which resembles a frame.  Above the name is a plant (rose ?) with six pink flowers, and black leaves.  The background of the drawing is filled with short, black horizontal lines.  A small, colourful Fraktur birth record (Geburtschein) for Isaac Eby. The text, framed in a red and yellow border, reads: 'Isaac Eby ist Geboren den 30 ten July im Jahr Anno. 1808.' The name is in green, red , black and brown, while the rest of the German text is done in red only. The record is embellished with black scroll work. The initials of the Fraktur artist are in red, in the calligraphy of the second 'A' in Isaac, however they cannot be made out. A Windlass made by William Harley Abernathy.

The windlass is an apparatus for moving heavy weights. Typically, a windlass consists of a horizontal cylinder (barrel), which is rotated by the turn of a crank or belt. A winch is affixed to one or both ends, and a cable or rope is wound around the winch, pulling a weight attached to the opposite end. Abernathy/Abernethy Mills Abernethy Records from Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut
Abernethy, Woodbury Vital Records 1674-1850 Abigail Snow Birth Able Willis Hord Pension Abram Cole Acree Ashley Abernathy Ada Lee Davis Ada May Fritch Hord Adam Clark Eby Adam Ebey Adam Ebey
Adam Ebey Adam Hord Death Cert Addie Fannie Guthrie Addie Guthrie Funeral Notice Addison Abernathy U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918 > Illinois > District 9; Annual Lists; 1864 Addison Broughton US Register of Deaths Civil War Addison P and Stephen G Land Maps Adelia Hord Clark Marriage Cert to Daniel R Parsons Aebi Eby Hausmark Aileen Abernathy
Alan Abernathy Land Grant 1828 Alan Abernathy Land Grant 1828 Alan Abernthy Pension Application by Susannah Alanson C Hord Alanson C Hord Alanson C Hord Passport 1921 Albert Abernathy Obit Albert Sturges Alexander Abernethy Alexander Abernethy
Alexander Abernethy Alexander Abernethy Alexander Eby Alexander Morrow: Sons of the American Revolution Application Alexander Murry/Morrow Alexander Smith Abernethy Alexander, Betsey, Sally, Eunice and Elisha births Alfred Abernathy Obit Alfred Berg and Sanna Gaustad Marriage Cert Alfred T Davis
Alma Alloway Thornton Alonzo Mercing WWI Alonzo Mercing WWII Document Aloysius Arth Aloysius Arth (Aloise) Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate No. 16 1863 adeloch page 6/8
   At the birth of Aloise witnessed John SCHILLING (Witness) - Michel FOELLER (Officer marital status) - Antoine SCHAEFFER (Witness). Aloysius Arth and Anna Katherine Lanners Marriage License Aloysius Arth arrived on the ship MAIN from Germany Alpheus W Snow Death Notice Alvin H Turner Obituary Ambrose Hord Will
Amorette Daniel Obit An advertising postcard for The People's Store in St. Jacobs, Waterloo County, Ontario. George W. Eby opened this store, the second general merchandise store in St. Jacobs. As advertised, he sold dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, liquors, paints, oils, etc. Handwritten along the bottom margin of the photograph is: 'This store was started on the north east side of the bridge about 1840.' Andrew Shetterly U.S., Burial Registers, Military Posts and National Cemeteries Andrew Shetterly U.S., Registers of Deaths of Volunteers, 1861-1865 Anita Madge DeLacerda and James Charles Powers Marriage Certificate Anita Madge Titus and Frank Oliver DeLacerda Marriage Certificate Anita Titus Deatherage and Charles McNaull Marriage Certificate Ann Lawrence Gaines Anna Cook Anna Dahlke Eby King Obit
Anna Eby Anna Eby Anna Elizabeth Arth and Herman Moore Marriage Cert Anna Katherine Lanners Arth
Anna Katherine Lanners Arth Anna M Browder Obit Anna Mae Birth Certificate Anna Sturges Annie Flair  Annie Katherine Viebrock Funeral Notice
Annie Kirkland Obit Annie P Wood and Elton Harris Wedding Annie Wood Obit Anson Thornton Civil War Muster Roll Anthony Tittle and Rebecca Malin Marriage Antonie Arth and his family New Orleans Passenger list Archibald Abernethy Archibald Abernethy Ardella Lee Curtiss Hord Arnold H Hord Passport Application
Arnold Schieffer Arnold Schieffer Birth Announcement Arnold Schieffer Obit Arthur E Fisher and Eula Lawson Marriage Certificate Arthur Fisher and Willie Rays marriage certificate Artimbles Alcaster Abernathy Attison Thornton Burial Card Attison Thornton Disabled Home Admission 1908 Attison Thornton Disabled Home Admission 1912 Attison Thornton Pension Request

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